5 main characteristics of a contemporary villa

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A contemporary villa bathed in light thanks to these large bay windows.

What are the main characteristics of a contemporary villa? These modern villas whose sleek architectural style is the most required these days.

Shapes, interior layout, space or even brightness characterize these so-called modern or contemporary houses, which must also respect certain rules in terms of energy performance. Explanations on five points.


1- Minimalist style: sobriety of shapes and volumes

A first undeniable characteristic of the modern style is the great amount of attention paid to the form and architecture of the house. No frills for these constructions whose shapes are mostly cubic or rectangular, which can however integrate roundings and curves for more design. As for the facades, again sobriety is in order since neutral colors (especially white) and two-tones are the most widely used. The modern house is pleasant and spacious so it will not lack style and comfort.


Sobriety of shapes and volumes.

2- Use of noble materials

Contemporary architecture is also characterized by the use of noble materials such as concrete, wood, glass, brick, natural stone and metals. It is obviously possible to use several materials at the same time in a contemporary construction. The house can thus be a wooden frame or a metal frame, with brick or concrete walls.

3- Brightness, brightness, ever more brightness

Another of the key characteristics of the modern house is the fact that it wants to be flooded with light in all the rooms that compose it. Modern houses very often have large bay windows allowing natural light to bathe the interior rooms whatever the season. But beyond the very pleasant aspect that this causes, it also helps to optimize the energy efficiency of the building.


Noble materials and luminosity.

4- Flat roof or roof terrace

Contemporary villas are easily identifiable by their roof. Most often flat, it accentuates the refined and cubic side of the house. The development of a roof terrace allows the addition of a real outdoor living space (hanging garden, vegetable garden, swimming pool, etc.). Whatever it is, unlike a traditional roof, the latter offers multiple possibilities.


Development of a roof terrace in Paris.

5- An eco-responsible construction

Architects must integrate all the concepts related to energy saving and bioclimatic. The contemporary villa must be in harmony with the climate and the environment. It is thought and designed to save energy.


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