We felt that developing specific expertise in the field of financial optimisation was now essential. The objectives are multiple: limit your contribution, increase the rental return of your investment, make a diagnosis of your past investments and perhaps adapt your real estate to your current situation. Do not hesitate to consult us.


Real estate law brings together so many specific rules, and this sometimes varies depending on the commune.

You found the house of your dreams but you would like to build an extension? How to understand the evolution of the PLU (Local Plan of Urbanism) of the municipality you are interested in? Is it possible to transfer a parcel of my land so that my children can build their homes there?


For the teams of Prestigia 360, the tailor-made is an obvious combination. Each of our customers – buyers and sellers – benefits from the same quality of listening and support step by step, with a single goal: to see their project succeed in the best possible conditions and in the shortest possible time, whatever the dynamics of the market. Trust is the key word in the partnership we offer you.


At Prestigia 360, we believe that the real estate agent job is constantly evolving. Transversality and an extreme sense of service lead us to offer our customers a list of services associated with your well-being, your leisure, your logistics, during and after your stay and even daily. Let us surprise you and, above all, make your life easier.


This is no secret to anyone. The French Riviera is one of the world’s leading tourist sites. It is therefore wise, when you do not occupy, to put your property in seasonal rental. To do this, we have developed an expertise in the field and above all a solid network guaranteeing to the guests sorted by our care, a perfect stay, and to the owners, a peace of mind, in addition to a return to cover the costs inherent to the maintenance of their properties.

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