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Auroch Properties, construction and renovation, villas, workings areas.


Founded in the 1980s, the AUROCH company first distinguished itself in the sale of office automation and computer equipment before expanding its activity. As a result of a needed and specializing in the field of fitting out professional spaces.

To finally create in 2008 the AUROCH Properties department in the field of building, construction and renovation of villas, often contemporary houses.

Today Auroch Properties has about thirty employees and deploys about 150 subcontractors.

We went to meet Sébastien Revol who is now the company’s manager.

Sébastien, first of all, thank you for agreeing to meet with us and answer these few questions.


You joined AUROCH in 2008, tell us a bit about your professional career?

S.R.: I have what can be described as an atypical profile. Coming from a commercial background and more specifically from a professional sales baccalaureate, I subsequently made the choice to move to London in order to master English. A universal foreign language, useful in any sector of activity. be it.

Passionate about architecture and renovation since always, self-taught, I had the desire on my return to embark on a new professional challenge within a small local company. For this reason, I joined AUROCH in 2008.

The same year, you diversified the company’s activity by creating the AUROCH Properties department, why this choice?

S.R.: My idea is to offer a package by managing all the trades necessary for the construction of a property. Morever, this new 360° solution combined with the seriousness of the services offered and the recommendations of AUROCH’s already loyal customers, the success was not long in coming.

How did the process of diversifying your business go?

S.R.: The choice of this diversification strategy was naturally and one thing leading to another, in response to growing customer demand. AUROCH has therefore diversified but by sectorizing this new activity on the one hand concerning construction/renovation intended for professionals and on the other hand for individuals.

Finally, faced with the exponential development of this project, a collaboration was born with the parent company which managed the office part since its creation and this is how AUROCH Properties was born in 2008. A branch specialized in construction and renovation of villas, working spaces, etc.

With more than 13 years of experience in construction today, what do you think are the keys to a successful construction or renovation project?

S.R.: For a project to be successful, in my opinion, it is necessary to understand the very essence of the client’s request. It is essential to take the time to listen and identify precisely what he is looking for and his expectations.

Once the project is clearly assimilated, it is also important to be proactive. In short, a perfect alchemy between the client’s projection of his project and what is really achievable according to his budget, while responding as well as possible to his original specifications.

Support is provided throughout the project and at all levels. Whether it is to optimize spaces, the architectural aspect or even decoration of the latter, it is important to always be at the customer’s side. It is also important to bring him more than he expects by offering him, for example, innovative materials, the best ergonomics of space that he can be with a relevant quality/price ratio and this while respecting the budget. given

It is also essential to respect the specifications from a timing point of view with a precise and achievable execution schedule.

Finally, the last step, the delivery of a completely finished project, without any defect, without faulty workmanship and without reserve.

Realization of modern AUROCH construction, interiors.

What are the current home building trends ?

S.R.: The majority of requests, which we will evaluate between 70% and 80%, are for modern and contemporary architecture projects with energy performance and living comfort that allow you to feel good in your future home, and this, too. well for the interior part as for the exteriors.

We live in an area where we are blessed with approximately 300 days of sunshine per year. Thus the development of outdoor spaces occupies a major place in the various construction/renovation projects.

Today we are talking about carpentry in brick partition with recessed threshold in order to obtain a single-storey effect to push the interior to the exterior as much as possible.

Find our article on the characteristics of a contemporary house just HERE.

Realization modern construction AUROCH, exteriors.

What 3D design tools do you use in your construction and renovation projects ? What are their strengths over others ?

S.R.: The 3D architectural design software we mainly use is Sketchup, we also use Pcon Planner, real-time 3D software and photo-realistic 3D renderings.

These 3D design softwares are for us real sales support tools. Because they allow customers to project themselves into their future worlds. Important to reassure and consolidate themselves in their choices or, conversely, to realize that the forecast does not correspond to their expectations. If necessary, these tools also allow real-time modifications. They represent an important lever for the common understanding of the project.

For a house construction project, how long on average does it take from initiation to final delivery ?

S.R.: Several steps are necessary to carry out a construction or renovation project, some of which involve incompressible deadlines.

First of all the discovery of the project and its assimilation, the search for land most of the time, the filing of the building permit or the signing of the sales agreement. Once the building permit has been accepted, the pre-emption period applies, the municipality and its inhabitants have two months to contest the construction on valid grounds.

From its initiation to the final delivery, it takes an average of 18 months for a construction project. 6 months for the search for the land and the administrative procedures then 12 months for execution.

What place does the environment occupy in your construction and renovation projects?

S.R.: First of all, it is necessary to specify that taking an environmental approach into account applies more to a construction project than to a renovation project.

As a result, on the construction aspect, compliance with environmental standards represents 30% to 40% of the project. Today, customers want to integrate the concept of ecology into their construction. For this, we apply ourselves in our various projects to the reduction of C02 emissions. Like the choice of the origin of the materials and their carbon impact over time, etc.

The type of construction that best meets this environmental approach is the wooden frame, for several reasons. Such as the fact that wood compared to concrete has the advantage of being recyclable, whether for construction or heating. Also, wood has energy performance three times greater than traditional construction.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to emphasize that most constructions are made of concrete for two main reasons. The first is that a timber frame construction is 15% to 25% more expensive than a concrete construction. The second is that in addition to its lower cost, the technical constraints are very low on a concrete construction. That’s why he’s the most asked for construction or renovation projects of villas.

Contemporary timber frame house.

What type of clientele uses your services for their construction and renovation projects ? And how do they know AUROCH ?

S.R.: AUROCH Properties operates today as much on BtoB as on BtoC.

On the residential part for individuals and therefore BtoC, it is made up of 60% locals. Allso 40% of foreigners, who wish to build or renovate their second homes.

Clients call on our services for medium, high and very high-end projects.

As for local customers, they know AUROCH from its presence on the market for the sale of office equipment since 2008. Also, many of our customers arrive via recommendations.

Regarding foreign customers, our website and social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram represent a real lever.

What place does the marketing/communication aspect occupy within the AUROCH company ?

S.R.: We had this chance to function and to continue via our local notoriety, our network and word of mouth only for more than ten years.

Now, it is essential for any company to be present on the web. Whether to reassure our prospects or further develop our notoriety. It’s been a little over three years now that we have integrated a digital deployment strategy into our communication. 

Morever, we have recently set up partnerships with influencers. Like the renovation of the villa of Audrey Lieutaud. A real girl boss, founder of the Mon Petit Bikini brand and co-founder of the NHLT Paris brand. Followed by more than 100K people on Instagram.


Influencer house renovation Audrey Lieutaud.

What are AUROCH’s plans for 2022 ?

S.R.: We are working on the opening of a new branch, complementary, “AUROCH Property Development”. A service based on the acquisition of real estate to make construction projects or renovation of villas for individuals or for working area for professional use. By taking into account all the financial optimization part. In order to promote synergy between all the skills of the InAUROCH GROUP.


>Auroch Properties. ZI de l’Argile – Voie E – Lot 76 – 06370 Mouans-Sartoux.

Their website.

In conclusion, we fully recommend you AUROCH Properties for you construction and renovation projects of villas, working areas,etc.

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