In the sunlight, out of the clouds

This year’s health crisis has highlighted the negative aspects of intense urban life. This wave, combined with the spread of home-working is likely to increase a trend of exodus towards greener, less urbanised, sunny areas… At Prestigia 360, we have noticed an extraordinary attraction for our beautiful cities from the very beginning of the lockdown. The spacious, bright main or second residence, extended by a large outdoor area and far from the city centre and its disturbances, is more than ever popular. Although we still lack visibility in the mid-term, at Prestigia 360 we pay extreme attention to our real estate market which moves very quickly. In order to efficiently advise you in your desire to purchase and/or sell, our team of experts in the fields of transaction, financial optimization, legal terms and asset management advice has put in place innovative processes of absolute technicality. In such a situation, there is no room for the «almost-about». We already knew that. Today we are convinced of this. Each of our consultants will ensure the coordination of a deal at the right price, as fast and as confidential as possible if that is your wish.

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Discover our catalog